Friday, October 10, 2008

Spot the World's First Personal Satellite Messenger

Are you the adventurous type who would dare to go hike and climb numerous mountains and explore the outdoors areas? Then you need SPOT. What is SPOT by the way? Spot Satellite Messenger is the first device that can communicate a message and your exact GPS coordinates to the people you need to contact from virtually anywhere around the world. It may be your family, friends or your sweety pie. With SPOT, you can keep in touch no matter what your outdoor activity may be.

SPOT works like a Personal Locator, it has a tracking feature which allows you to share your adventure with your friends or family back home. When you activate this feature, your position is plotted and integrated into Google Maps, showing where you are and your progress. The page can be open to anyone or password protected, your choice. Isn't it cool?

The Spot Personal messenger uses GPS satellite technology to find your exact location, then using commercial satellite networks, you can send that information to your contact list. This system is totally satellite based, no cell signal is needed.

Spot gives you and your family peace of mind by insuring that you have an avenue of communication when you would otherwise be out of touch. Could there be any greater device than this? I wish I could try this one too.
SPOT is your best



Bryan Anthony the First said...

parang bongga ito


GPS Reviews said...

Spot looks like a pretty cool GPS system, I'll have to write a review about on my site too. Cool travel blog you have here

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